Wine Route

In Salta, the cultivation of the vine was introduced by the Jesuits in the Eighteenth century in the region of the  Calchaqui Valley, mainly in Cafayate. The most important strain is the Torrontés,  a white wine that is distinguished by its intense fruity aroma and flavor. This variety was brought from Spain three centuries ago and has achieved a unique expression in Salta ground, becoming the flagship white grape of our country.

Today the vineyards are spread over 1,800 hectares between the departments of Cafayate, San Carlos, Angastaco and Molinos, all in the Calchaqui Valley. These valleys are more than 1,600 meters high (Cafayate), with areas reaching 2600m such as Molinos and Tacuil  This not only promotes high temperature range, but the sun’s rays are more intense and the air pure and dry. These factors, together with the peculiar characteristics of soil and its components, can make wines of great character, strong personality and excellent quality, with aromas, colors and distinctive flavors.

In addition to the aforementioned strain Torrontes, red varieties account for more than 55% of the total area, highlighting the Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec.

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